Bulk Orders

Corporate Gifts:- Green gifts have become latest trend in modern era due to rising global warming. We can customise any plant (as per your choice) in elegant gift pack. The packs will be delivered at addresses provided by you without any extra delivery cost. We also offer great discount on such orders. Our handicrafts are a great bio-friendly alternatives to gifting (instead of plastic gifts). Please write to us at info@giftnplants.com

Marriage/Birthday gifts:- Nowadays, people like to give innovative and green gifts to their guests or customers. It makes long lasting impression on gift receivers. Just imagine, one person is gifting plants to all guests in his marriage party and he is getting publicity in all newspapers and news channels due to this unique initiative.

Wholesale buyers:- We provide plants of all varieties to our wholesale buyers at heavy discount. Due to our long expertise in this field, we are able to provide you best plants at lowest cost. In addition to plants, we can also provide you gardening materials (flower pots, coco peat, perlite, vermicompost etc.)