Partner With Us

Success of E-Commerce depends upon seller partners and customers. We cordially invite all wholesalers/ manufacturers to sell their garden products on our website.

For Seller/Partners:-

1. We will sell your garden product / home decor items on our website. Our working pattern with seller partners is absolutely different from Amazon/Flipkart. We do not charge any kind of commission, if your product is good and that can fulfill requirement of our customers. Before selling your products, we will carry out sample and quality check of your items.

2. If we are satisfied with your product quality, we will purchase your all garden items at wholesale price in single payment and keep the inventory with us. You need not to wait for payments till purchase of your products by our end customers. This will enable us to fulfill orders of our customers in a faster way.

3. We are earnestly looking for suppliers / manufacturers of ceramic pots, cocopeat products, flower pots, plants, home decor items, HDPE grow bags, Garden tools, Poly Grow bags, Shade nets etc. However, partners of other items are also most welcome to send their product details by whats’up on 7600903397 or E mail:

For Buyers:-

1. It is a difficult task for someone to set up a Garden store / Nursery with huge variety of garden items and plants. We help in setting up such store by supplying Good Quality garden material at reasonable price. The best part of working with us is that you need not to invest huge amount in purchase of inventory. We will send all items of your choice at your address with lowest delivery charge. Even your GST number is not a mandatory requirement for buying in wholesale from us. We assure you that you will be able to realise your dreams after working with us.

2. We also provide gift plants; hence, we integrate other customers also towards your store. If any of our retail customer wish to buy any garden item in bulk, we will send that customer to your store for buying our items.

3. We do not charge any kind of franchisee fee for selling our garden products. But a seller of our garden items must have written authorisation certificate from GIFTnPLANTS to use our brand name.

4. If you are working with us, we will also provide you courier service at most reasonable price with All India Delivery. This will enable you to fulfill orders of your distant living customers. This will also add a feather to cap of our partners by providing better customer service and subsequent loyalty.

5. We will also provide training to your staff, in case of requirement.