Adenium Potting Soil for Better Growth and Flowering of Plants (Wt – 1.8 Kg)


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  1. This soil is especially prepared for Adenium plants, so that they grow healthily and attain blooming stage with fully grown up caudex. We have added Cinder, Crushed Leca Clay Balls along with many other needful components to make it an ideal potting soil for Adenium plants
  2. Adenium plants do not like soggy soil. Due to continuous moisture in soil of Adenium plants, there may be root rot. After using this soil, your plants soil will have faster drainage while ensuring maximum roots aeration. This soil gets dry earlier than ordinary garden soil.
  3. Adenium roots like roots aeration and to ensure it we have used crushed leca balls. If you are using this soil, there will be no mineral deficiency in your plants and flowers will stay on plants for longer periods. Subsequently, you will have more chances to see its seed pod also.
  4. This soil is suitable for all varieties of Adenium. e.g. Arabicum, Emerald Crown, DHA, Somalense, Nova Tanzania, Thai Soco and so on..


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