Allamanda Bush Plant (in polybag)


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Height:  1 Foot,   

Common namesGolden Trumpet

This sun loving plant blooms round the year . It can grow like a bushy plant. Regular pruning induces more branches and flowering.  Blooming reduces during extreme cold. It’s a long life plant. This plant is almost maintenance free.

Watering & Sunlight:

During extreme cold, give less water. We can also grow this plant in balcony with direct sunlight of  04 hours. This plant can grow in diffused sunlight also, but blooming will reduce.

Soil:      Proper drainage in pot is necessary. We should water the plant, whenever potting medium becomes dry. We should prepare the potting mix in such way so that water should reach bottom of pot within 15-25 seconds. This is the basic quality of fast draining soil. Such soil also contributes to make the potting mix more aerated. To make the ideal potting mix for this plant, 20 % drainage media (river sand/ Leca/ Perlite/ Pumice or rice husk- use any one of them) in potting mix should be available. In rest of the potting mix, we should mix vermi-compost (25 %), Neem Cake ( 5%) and garden soil (50%).

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  Use : This plant is widely used in landscaping and terrace gardening.

 We should not do re-potting of plants immediately after receiving. Please wait for a week. Let the plants adjust in new atmosphere of your home. Repotting and disturbance to their roots will adversely affect life of plants.


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