Brain Cactus, Bare Rooted


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Brain Cactus, live plant, bare rooted (diameter-1 inch) will be sent. If you want to receive it potted with cactus soil (good quality potting mix which is highly suitable for this cactus) in 4 inch pot with tray and stone chips, you have to pay Rs.75/- extra. This cactus do have spines.

During winter (if temperature is less than 100 C), this plant may be in dormancy. After winter during spring or summer season, a matured cactus plant may bloom its beautiful flowers.

This cactus can be adorned with decorative stones/pebbles or stone chips on the upper surface of potted soil (as per the individual choice of plant lovers). Most of the plant lovers like to keep this rare variety of cactus in their collection.

Watering & Sunlight: Like any other cactus, this also does not need frequent watering. This is almost maintenance free plant. Even if you do not water it for two – three weeks, it can survive. For 2-3 days in a week, you can keep indoor also. But try to keep this with maximum sunlight for its better growth. This plant loves to grow in direct sunlight, but it can be grown with 6 hours daily sunlight also. Watering of plant should be only after drying of upper surface of soil. During winter, plant must not be over-watered, otherwise plant roots may rot. Reduce the frequency of watering in winter.

Soil:    To make the ideal potting mix, 50 % drainage media (coarse river sand/ crushed Leca/ – use any of them) in potting mix should be available.  All these items help in aeration also. We should also add 10% Pumice Stones, 25% vermi -compost, 5% Neem Cake and 10% cocopeat. We should prepare the potting mix in such way so that water should reach bottom of pot within 10-15 seconds. This is the basic quality of fast draining soil.

A matured plant grown in lawn on open ground can withstand without water for 4 weeks. Moreover such plant does not require frequent fertilizers, because well grown and fully expanded roots can absorb needful nutrients from soil. However if the plant is in pot, it may not receive required nutrients fully due to limited expansion of roots within pot. Therefore, we need to fertilize a potted plant more often than a plant grown in open ground or soil. Fast drainage in potting mix is must.


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