Coconut Husk Chips (450 grm), low E.C., Sieved, with Good Water Absorption,


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1 - 2 79.00
3 - 5 6.33 % 74.00
6 - 9 12.66 % 69.00
10+ 25.32 % 59.00
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Wt- 450 Gms

  • This can absorb approximately 7 Ltr water. This ensure high water water absorption and this is properly washed cocopeat husk chips. Hence this is low EC husk chips and fully safe for your Orchids, seedlings and other plants. This is most suitable to prepare ideal potting soil for Orchids.

  • These chips are in size range of 5-14 mm. Gardeners use them all over the world as Soil-less potting medium and mulching media as well. 

  • All plants and saplings can be grown with this media for better root growth and long life of plant. This can ensure healthy life of plants even in hot weather.

  • Water holding capacity of soil is increased manifold with this. It is also used for air layering of plants. It protect roots from fungal attack.

  • It is used by gardeners to provide continuous moisture to growing roots of plants. Some gardeners use these chips in lowest portion of pots to avoid spillage of soil through drainage hole. Moreover, it provides better roots aeration as well.  

  • You can mix it in soil (20-50%), depending upon type of plant.


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