Croton Petra Plant (In Polybag)


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Plant Height:          1 foot

Common name:   Croton Norma, Zanzibar Croton

The plant has leaves splashed with green, yellow and red with the veins often yellow. Its vividly coloured leaves attract everyone. The plant blooms rarely during summer. One picture has been shown for reference only. The plant can achieve maximum height of 10 feet with optimum climatic conditions, if planted in ground. Some gardeners have been successful in propagation of this plant by its leaves also (by dipping the base of leaf into growing medium).

Watering & Sunlight:     This is a shade loving plant, but we can grow in the sunlight during winter season. The plant cannot tolerate direct sunlight during summer (above 350 C). Hence, must keep in shady areas during summer. Sunlight availability of morning hours will also be an added advantage for its better growth. This plant likes misting, during summer. Regular misting of leaves will help the plant growth by making humid atmosphere. Moreover, such foliar spray will improve look of plants by cleaning of leaves. It is suggested that on weekly basis, we should use Epsom salt (5 Gms/Ltr) for spray on leaves. It will improve photosynthesis process and thereby size of leaves will increase.

Soil:   Drainage in pot is necessary by making sufficient holes in bottom. To make the ideal potting mix, 20 % drainage media (river sand/ Leca/ Perlite/ Pumice or rice husk- use any one of them) in potting mix should be available. In rest of the potting mix, we should mix Cocopeat (20 %), vermi – compost (20 %) and garden soil (40 %) in equal ratio.

Ornamental use: Yes

We should not do re-potting of plants immediately after receiving. Please wait for a week. Let the plants adjust in new atmosphere of your home. Repotting and disturbance to their roots will adversely affect life of plants.


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