Crystal Water Jelly, Balls Beads 15g (Appx 2000 Balls), Orbeez Water Balls for Plants, Vase Fillers & Decoration- Multi Colours


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  • We will send 15 grams dry water beads which will give you appx. 2000 colorful water beads jelly balls. Each 10g pack is sufficient for 1.5 liter of water. You can use these balls with your lucky bamboo, money plants or other plants as well.

  • We can mix these crystal water jelly balls with plant soil, so that they can provide moisture to root zone when you are outstation. Watering requirement of plants will be reduced.

  • WATER BALLS FOR KIDS – Your kids can use these water jelly balls as bullets in shooting guns, fill in balloons (Do not eat) or any other playful activity. Theses are also used in Home Décor. Place beautiful balls in a glass, jar, vase & in any corner of your home you wish to decorate. Flower Holder – You can use these jelly balls like mud for artificial flowers. Water balls for Air Freshener Plants – You can also add essential fragrant oils in glass bowl containing these Orbeez water balls

  • These colorful water crystal balls are made of special water absorbent polymer. These are available in different colours.

  • These crystal balls are beautiful and ideal for use as decoration for Diwali, Holi, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or on any other special occasion.

  • HOW TO USE – Put the beads into a water bowl for 12 hours. These decorative water jelly balls grow in size manifold, when soaked in water. The 1.5 mm beads would grow upto 8 to 12 mm balls or may be larger.


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