Crushed Leca Clay Balls (Size 3-7 mm) for Potting Mix of All Type of Plants (450 GMS)

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  • Leca stands for ‘Lightweight Exfoliated  Clay Aggregate’. Weight of this crushed Leca packet will be 450 Grams.

  • Crushed Leca plays crucial role in roots aeration, hence these small crushed Leca should be used in potting mix of all types of plants. These are used as soil conditioner for plants. It helps in better root growth.

  • This size of crushed Leca is used as best substitute of Perlite. It is very helpful to ensure fastest drainage in soil. Even after mixing in soil, these crushed Leca balls do not get powdered for many years and we can re-use them. However, this is not possible with Perlite. After using Perlite, that disintegrates much earlier and drainage in soil is not continued.

  • But, if we use crushed Leca, eternal drainage in soil is observed while ensuring proper roots aeration. We recommend to use it instead of Perlite.

  • These crushed Leca are preferred by gardeners for mixing in potting soil of most plants. These balls can absorb water upto some extent. These crushed clay balls are light weight and also used to make light weight soil media in horticulture. If we pour them in water, they will float (We have shown image). It ensures overall better health of plants.

  • Due to availability of clearly visible air cavities in these clay balls, they ensure proper exchange of gases in soil for better growth of plants. Use of Crushed Leca in soil helps plants in protection from weather adversity also (i.e. Winter and Summer). Leca Balls are used for thermal insulation and filling material in construction industry.

  • If you wish to use pebbles over the surface of potted plants’ soil, you must use these Leca balls (Approximately 20%) in potting mix. Because these clay balls can ensure better aeration of  rooting system, even after putting heavy load of soil/pebbles over them. However, if you are using only Vermiculite/ rice husk / Cocopeat powder as a component in your potting medium, there are high chances for blockage of root aeration due to heavy load of soil or pebbles over them. 

  • For mulching or decoration of top layer of potted plants, these crushed Leca are not preferred by most of the plant lovers. All other sizes of clay balls are available with us.

  • Ph value : 7-8, An ideal growing medium must not be too acidic or basic. pH value of these clay balls is neutral.

4 reviews for Crushed Leca Clay Balls (Size 3-7 mm) for Potting Mix of All Type of Plants (450 GMS)

  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    Good quality.

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    Good service.

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    Very fast delivery.

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    Good quality.

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