DORO KE FYTA LECA, Clay Balls (Vol- 20 L / 4.3 Kg) Medium Size (8 to 14 mm)


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DORO KE FYTA LECA, Clay Balls (Vol- 20 L / 4.3 Kg) Medium Size (8 to 14 mm) or Hydroton Pebbles for Mulching, Aquaponics, Hydroponic Plants

  • Leca stands for ‘Lightweight Exfoliated  Clay Aggregate’. Weight of this medium sized 20 Ltr Leca will be 4.3 Kg. Leca will be sent on the basis of weight only. These balls are suitable for top dressing of soil (mulching), Hydroponic and mixing in potting soil.

  • These medium sized Leca balls (size 08 to 15 mm) are used in gardening. These clay balls are most commonly used in hydroponic horticulture. It is also used for providing better drainage in soil. It ensures overall better health of plants. Ph value : 7-8, An ideal growing medium must not be too acidic or basic. pH value of these balls is neutral.

  • Suitable for mulching (Top Dressing of Soil). It gives aesthetic look to plants. Use of Leca balls is always better than use of Pebbles over soil, because Leca balls are very light weight and they maintain roots aeration without giving any undue pressure over them.

  • For experiment, we mixed samples of all four sizes of Leca balls and tried to submerge in water filled glass pot (image is shown for your reference). We observed them floating over water due to light weight.

  • These balls can absorb water upto some extent. Percentage of broken balls will be Approx 3% only. These balls are also used to make soil-less potting mix for Orchids and many more plants. Other sizes of these balls are also available with us. These are used as soil conditioner for plants and it retains water. It helps in better aeration and root growth.

  • Due to availability of air cavities in these clay balls, they ensure proper exchange of gases in soil for better growth of plants. If you wish to use pebbles over the surface of potted plants’ soil, you must prefer to use these Leca balls (Approximately 20%) in potting mix.

  • These balls are very light weight and popularly used in terrace gardening and gardening with vertical pots. With use of these balls, potting media becomes very light weight.

  • As per our experience, we would recommend to use large size of Leca Balls in the lowest portion of pots, so that it will reduce spillage of potting soil through drainage holes. Moreover, it will provide more roots’ aeration. We have observed better root growth with use of Leca balls in lower portion of pots.

  • Use of Leca for mulching (top dressing) of plants is very useful. Leca balls helps plants in protection from weather adversity(i.e. Winter and Summer). Leca Balls are used for thermal insulation in construction industry. Civil engineers and students use these Leca balls for various construction projects as a light weight filling material.


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