Dwarf Snake Plant, Sansevieria Trifasciata Hahnii, बौना सांप का पौधा (in polybag)


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Well rooted plant in polybag will be given to customers of Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. If customers of other cities buy this plant, we will send it without soil (bare rooted) which can be grown easily.

Common name: Dwarf Sansevieria

As per NASA, this plant is the best air purifier plant. It’s a long life plant and continues to grow in surroundings by producing baby plants. Leaves arise in a rosette from a thick rhizome. After a period of time, it becomes more dense. In such case, we can separate them and pot them in new pot to make separate plant. Re-potting will help the plant to grow roots.

This plant is almost maintenance free. Even without fertilizers, this plant will show satisfactory growth. Even with low level of atmospheric humidity (20% ), this plant continues to grow healthily. During extreme cold weather (below 100 C), its growth will reduce.

Watering & Sunlight: We should water this plant, if soil has become fully dry. Continuous moisture in soil may affect adversely this plant. The snake plant can grow well in temperatures between 15 and 350 C. It’s very easy to grow. Even if you don’t water for 2 weeks, it will not die.But leaves may suffer temporary damage. Do not water them excessively, especially during the cold weather. They can live under ultra low sunlight also.

Soil:   This plant loves to grow in aerated potting mix. This plant does not need frequent fertilizers. Drainage in pot is necessary by making sufficient holes in bottom. To make the ideal potting mix, 30 % drainage media (river sand/ Leca/ Perlite/ Pumice or rice husk- use any two of them, Pumice & Leca recommended) in potting mix should be available. In rest of the potting mix, we should mix Cocopeat, vermi – compost, wooden charcoal and garden soil in equal ratio.

Use : This plant is widely used in gifting, office desk plant and as indoor plant.

 We should not do re-potting of plants immediately after receiving. Please wait for a week. Let the plants adjust in new atmosphere of your home. Repotting and disturbance to their roots will adversely affect life of plants.


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