ECO365 Classic Dual Flow Multipurpose Garden Sprayer 2 L (Blue) with Adjustable Nozzle for Mist & Jet Flow, Strong & Sturdy Pressure Pump Helpful for Gardening, Glass & Car Cleaning


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  1. Multiple Application: This spray bottle can be used for multiple day-to-day operations like watering plants, house cleaning, car washing, glass cleaning, table cleaning and spraying disinfectants. This plant sprayer bottle makes cleaning and watering easy for you.

  2. Dual Flow: The garden sprayer nozzle has 2 types of flow. Rotate the front blue color part to change the flow from pressure jet spray to mist spray or vice versa.

  3. Ergonomic Design: The garden sprayer has been very carefully designed keeping in mind the multiple uses it has. The handle of the sprayer has anti-slip designs for better grip. 

  4. Adjustable nozzle: The nozzle size can be adjusted by rotating the grey part of the nozzle to increase or decrease the width of the spray.


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