Eucarish Lily Plant, Summer Flowering (in polybag)


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Flower colour of this lily is white.  The plant will bloom flower as shown in image. These plants should not be grown in a very small pot. It must have at least 4 inch soil under it for proper growth of roots. If we grow this in bigger pot, plant will show better growth.

 This plant can bloom flowers in balcony also with diffused sunlight. The plant blooms during spring and summer season. We can easily preserve the bulbs after blooming season gets over. If you do not wish to preserve the bulbs, you can leave the bulb in soil itself. The bulb can stay with leaves as a rooted plant in soil. Even after its flowering, the plant will be available with its leaves and it looks pretty even without flowers.  The plant can survive low humidity levels (upto 25 %) and higher temperature (upto 380 C). Due to scorching sunlight, its leaves may suffer from temporary sun burn which will revive automatically with start of monsoon.

Flower colours: White only

Watering & Sunlight:  This plant prefers to grow well with sunlight of at least 4 hours. However, it can bloom in diffused sunlight as well. We should water, only when the soil becomes dry. Its bulb and roots store water. Hence, it does not like overwatering. Its roots may rot due to overwatering. Proper drainage by making sufficient holes in bottom of pot is must.

Soil:     Its potting mix must be aerated well by use of drainage media upto 20 % (river sand, Leca, Pumice/Perlite or rice husk- use any one of them). All these items help in aeration also. We can mix upto 30% cocopeat and 50 % (mix of vermi compost + sterilised garden soil + 5% Neem Cake) in its potting mix. This plant does not require frequent fertilizers. We may add fertilizers once in six months.


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