Grafted Adenium Desert Rose Plants


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Height:  1 Foot,    This plant will be given in a plastic pot.

Common Name– Desert Rose

This is a grafted Adenium and blooms White flowers. Due to skilful grafting of this plant, you will see more flowers even at small height. Its caudex looks like bonsai. Every plant lover likes to grow adeniumobesum due to its beautiful deep red, yellow, purple or pure white flowers (as per variety). Its flower color varieties is more than 100. These are usually grown from seed. It can grow faster in full sunlight with less water. Bloom time is for full year (except frost, extreme cold). Blooming is maximum during summer season. This plant is sun loving and can grow upto height of 6 feet. It’s a long life plant and can survive upto 25-30 years. The plant performs best in big size containers (8 inch or more) or plant them on ground.

This plant is almost maintenance free. Even without fertilisers, this plant will show satisfactory growth. However, use of fertiliser shows faster growth and more blooming. If we have grown this plant and we don’t water it for 2 -3 weeks, it can survive. But leaves may suffer temporary damage. Even with low level of atmospheric humidity (20% ), this plant continues to grow healthily.

Watering & Sunlight:

This plant is similar to Cactus and hates over watering. It can survive without water for a longer time. Continuous moisture in soil will damage its root and its roots may rot. We should regualrly check its caudex (lower swollen portion of stem), if it has become very soft, the plant is about to die due to over watering. In such case, we should immediately stop watering the plant and take out the plant from soil. Allow the plant to dry for a week. After that re-pot the plant, followed by less watering.

We should water it after a gap of 4 days during summer season, if soil has become fully dry. Drainage in pot is necessary by making sufficient holes in bottom. To make the ideal potting mix, 40 % drainage media (river sand/ Leca/ Perlite/ Pumice or rice husk- use any two of them, Pumice &Leca recommended) in potting mix should be available. In rest of the potting mix, we should mix Cocopeat, vermicompost, bonemeal and garden soil in equal ratio. During extreme cold, give very less water and try to protect from cold. The plant can grow in diffused sunlight also, but blooming will reduce.

  Use : This plant is widely used in landscaping and terrace gardening.

 We should not do re-potting of plants immediately after receiving. Please wait for a week. Let the plants adjust in new atmosphere of your home. Repotting and disturbance to their roots will adversely affect life of plants.



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