Indian Taro Plant, (in polybag)


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Indian Taro plant is famous for its delicious leaves. This is different from ordinary ‘Arbi’  (Taro) plant. Bulb of Indian Taro plant is not edible, whereas we can eat bulb of Arbi (Taro) plant. But leaves of Arbi needs to be boiled properly before cooking / consumption, otherwise those leaves may cause rashes in our throat. But leaves of Indian Taro plant can be directly cooked without any boiling. This is famous for its delicious Pakodas and vegetables. Petiole of Indian Taro plants is dark blue in colour, whereas petiole of ‘Arbi’ plants is green. We have shown both the leaves in product image, for better understanding of customers.

This plant can grow without any care. It likes damp soil and moisture for better growth. Its underground bulb continuously produces new plants, especially during rainy season. During excessive winter, its growth may reduce. But its bulb remains in soil and revives when winter is over. This is fast growing plant and its leaves size increases when we plant it in open ground or bigger grow bags.

This plant is an evergreen perennial. This plant prefers to grow in humid  & warm climate

Watering & Sunlight:This plant can grow with direct sunlight of 4 hours also, but presence of more sunlight will result better growth of leaves size. Atmospheric temperature more than 420 C, may harm its leaves temporarily. This plant prefers moist soil, but not very wet. Hence, do not wait for the soil to dry up, before next watering.

Soil:    To make the ideal potting mix, 20 % drainage media (river sand/ Leca/ Perlite or rice husk- use any one of them) in potting mix should be available. In rest of the potting mix, we should mix vermi-compost (20 %) and garden soil (60%).

Culinary useYes


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