Mimosa Pudica, Chui Mui, Touch Me Not Plant (in Polybag)


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Plant height – 20 cm

Common Name:   Chui Mui, Touch Me Not, Lajwanti plant, Shame plant

 Its leaves shrink after touching. Hence, it’s named as ‘Touch me not’. For this reason, children like to play with this plant. These plants have fast growth rate as creeper. It also blooms beautiful flowers. To make it densely grown up plant, keep on pruning this regularly.

Watering & Sunlight:     Touch Me Not Plant likes to grow in sunlight. During winter season, this plant becomes dormant and its leaves shedding starts. The plant can be kept in  diffused sunlight also, but growth will be very slow. Atmospheric temperature less than 100 C, may harm its leaves. Drainage in pot is necessary by making sufficient holes in bottom.

Soil:    We should prepare the potting mix in such way so that water should reach bottom of pot within 15-25 seconds. This is the basic quality of fast draining soil. Such soil also contributes to make the potting mix more aerated. To make the ideal potting mix, 25 % drainage media (river sand/ Leca/ Perlite/ Pumice or rice husk- use any one of them) in potting mix should be available. In rest of the potting mix, we should mix vermi-compost (25 %), cocopeat (25%) and garden soil (25%).


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