Mustard Cake Organic Fertilizer (900 GMS) for Plants, Garden Use, Sarson Ki Khali Flowering Fertilizer


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Wt- 900 Gms

  1. This is rich source of nitrogen and other needful nutrients (rich in N-P-K) for growth of plants. It enhances flowering & fruiting in plants. Moreover, it promotes healthy growth of leaves and roots system.

  2. If we are giving its dose to already grown up potted plants, we should remove upper soil partially then add this fertiliser. After that must cover with soil. Coverage of this fertiliser is necessary. It will help plant to absorb its nutritional values in better way. We can gives dose of 4 tea spoons to a grown up plant, potted in 8 inch diameter pot. If required, we can repeat the dose after 3 months.

  3. This is the best organic fertiliser for organic farmers and those who love kitchen gardening. It will completely eliminate your dependence upon chemical fertilisers for growing fruits and vegetables. This is the most economical and effective fertiliser.

  4. Traditionally, farmers have used mustard cake in farms to boost health of crops. It can improve fertility of the soil and there will be no need to add any other compost for a long time. Regular use of this fertiliser improves health of soil for long term benefit.

  5. This is in powder form, so that it can be mixed properly in soil approximately 10-15%. Best result of this fertiliser is visible when we use it as a liquid fertiliser. We should add 50 Gms (approximately 3 tea spoons) in 1 litre water. For proper fermentation, wait for 4 days during summer. During winter, it may need 8-10 days. After this period, the water will turn yellowish. Strain this yellow coloured water with help of a strainer or cloth.

  6. This filtered yellowish water is in concentrated form. We have to mix only 1 Ltr of this in 10 Ltr plain water. During summer season, make it more diluted by adding 1 Ltr in 20 Ltr water. (We can preserve the left over concentrated liquid fertiliser in any bottle for future use.)

  7. Now this liquid fertiliser is ready for use in plants’ soil. Add approximately 100 ml in soil of pots (diameter of 6-8 inches). For bigger pots, increase the quantity proportionately. This liquid fertiliser is easily absorbed by the plants.

  8. We have ensured proper sun drying of this mustard cake before packing, so that there is no chances of fungal growth due to moisture. All organic fertilisers must be protected from moisture while storing them for longer period.


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