Natural (Fine) River Sand for Gardening, With Sorting (1.8 Kg)


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Wt-1.8 Kg

  1. 1.8 Kg River sand will be sent with this pack. This is natural (Fine) river sand of fresh water, after properly sorting of sand granules. We have sorted fine and coarse river sand in this. This is not marine sand. Approximately 97% sand particles will be in size range of 1-2 mm (size similar to fine cooking salt of your kitchen) and balance 2-3% sand particles may be in size range of approximately 3-4 mm.

  2. River sand is considered as sterilised growing media. In comparison to ordinary soil, it does not attract bugs or pest. It also provides protection from termites. It improves overall health of plants by making stronger root development. Use of River sand for better drainage in soil is appreciated by plant lovers all over the world.

  3. River sand is good for soil of succulents, cactus and many more plants. Some plant lovers like to propagate succulents by their leaves with river sand (We have shared the image). Use of river sand is very popular for growing seedlings of cactii, Adenium, Areca Palm and many more plants.

  4. We may utilize it for preparation of excellent seedling media. Moreover, we can make potting soil for terrarium, Rose and other plants. But river sand cannot absorb oxygen or needful nutrients, however this can be done efficiently with use of crushed Leca, perlite or pumice stones.

  5. Use of this river sand in your potting soil, will not let your soil compact. Use of more cocopeat in soil, make the soil the too moist which is not good for most of the plants. Moreover during winter or monsoon season, the soil does not dry out easily due to more use of cocopeat. To come over this problem, use of natural river sand in soil is recommended.

  6. Use of River sand in aquarium bed is necessary for better growth and health of fishes. This can be used for Aquarium soil also. However, use of coarse river sand for Aquarium is more helpful in maintaining clarity of your aquarium water. During scheduled servicing / cleaning of your Aquarium, coarse river sand can be easily cleaned (by removing poop and fish food etc.). That will not make your aquarium water muddy. We can observe fishes playing with the sand in aquarium just like our children.

  7. Sand is also useful for our children as a play activity. Some interior designers use sand with water fountains as well.

  8. This is also used for various home decor projects, DIY, Rangoli etc. This can also be utilised for hot roasting of ground nut, popcorn etc.

    Moreover, river sand is used in Havan Pujan (Yagya) also. Applications of river sand are beyond count and depends upon individual creativity.

    We have expressed experiences shared by our customers and our own experiments of long period. Gardening is a natural science and full of unlimited experiments. Even if you find something wrong in product description of this product, kindly share your valuable ideas or suggestions to improve it further. You are always welcome to contact us on 7600903397 via whats app.


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