Natural Wood Charcoal (450 GMS) for Garden Plants, Horticulture Use (Size 6-15mm)


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  1. This Natural Wood Charcoal is an ideal component of potting soil for your all types of garden plants. Moreover, it provides partial protection from fungal attacks also. You can mix it in soil upto 20%. Use of charcoal is also good for better drainage in soil.

  2. This works as an excellent soil conditioner while making potting soil, especially for Adenium, Rose, succulents, Cactii and Orchid plants. Charcoal is famous for its odour absorption quality, hence it also acts as air purifier.

  3. This is not activated charcoal. This is natural wood charcoal, free from any fire igniting / inducing chemical. This provides better roots aeration as well. 8-15mm size of charcoal is most suitable size for mixing in soil of plants.

  4. This may also used for mulching, especially with Adenium, succulents and cactii.

  5. If you want to use this charcoal for barbecue or outdoor burning during winter season, you can use.


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