Neem Cake Organic Compost (450 GMS) for Plants, Garden Use, Neem Khali Powder, Pest Repellent


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Wt- 450 Gms

This Neem Cake powder is having Neem Oil (5-10%). For better results and effective prevention of harmful pathogens, we should not use fully de-oiled Neem cake. You can sense the aroma of Neem oil in this fertilizer.

Neem cake can improve the organic content of the soil by providing micro and macro nutrients. It also helps to control the growth of nematodes and harmful plant pathogens. It promotes healthy growth of roots system. Moreover, it acts as organic pesticide. It helps in boosting overall health of plant.

Neem cake is an organic fertilizer which is manufactured as by product after extracting Neem oil from dried Neem seeds. This is in powder form, so that it can be mixed properly in soil approximately 10%.

If we are giving its dose to already grown up potted plants, we should remove upper soil partially then add this fertilizer. After that must cover with soil. Covering of this fertilizer with soil is necessary. It will help plant to absorb its nutritional values in better way.


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