Neem Oil (100 ml), Organic Pest Repellent for Healthy Growth of Plants


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    1. USE OF CONCENTRATED NEEM OIL MAY DAMAGE YOUR LEAVES. HENCE, ALWAYS USE IN DILUTED FORM. This is fully natural and bio-degradable. This unrefined Neem oil is prepared from Neem seeds, not by boiling of Neem leaves. Intensity level of this Neem Oil is 900 -1200 ppm which is considered most effective for pest control.
    2. We cannot mix it in water directly. Use only 5 ml oil in 1 Ltr water with 7-8 drops of shampoo or hand wash. After this, shake well water. Within 2 minutes, it will become a homogeneus solution. Now you can use this for spray on plants’ leaves or soil. If your insects do not get killed, you can increase quantity of Neem oil in the lotion. It can control mealy bugs, aphids, mites, fungal attack, white flies, insect eggs etc. More than 180 types of pests can be controlled by Neem Oil.
    3. We can also control small cockroaches (smaller than 7-8 mm), spiders by spray of Neem Oil (Use 15 ml per litre). We have to spray for longer time to kill adult cockroaches. However, effect of chemical pesticides stays in soil for longer duration. Due to bio-degradable nature of Neem oil, organic farmers use it regularly for pest control. As per experiments of our team members, Neem oil kills all the small insects immediately (if size of insects smaller than 4 mm or ants).
    4. But if the insects of your plants are of bigger size (bigger than 4 mm), Neem oil kills them in different way. Whenever, the insects eats leaves or soil (sprayed with Neem oil), digestive system of insects get damaged. Moreover, eggs or larva of such big insects get easily killed due to regular weekly spray of Neem oil. This observation has been found correct in 95% cases of insect attack.
    5. It was concluded that we should regularly spray Neem oil (on every week) to control large insects. By doing so, we attack on life cycle of insects. After usage of 3-4 times, most of the insects get killed. Protection from Ants:  If we spray Neem oil on soil of potted plants, ants run away from plants. By doing so, we can protect roots of our plants. To make its spray more effective, we should increase the quantity of Neem Oil in the lotion. Please read the description for more interesting facts.


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