Passiflora Incarnata, Blue Krishna Kamal Plant (in polybag)


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Height- Approx 10 inches


This plant grows in form of vine and blooms blue flowers. Regular pruning induces more flowering. The plant grows as a creeper on any tree also. This plant likes direct sunlight, especially during winter season, it can survive in filtered sunlight also. During hot weather (if temperature is more than 370 C), we must shift this plant to shady, humid and cooler place. This plant can be easily grown in a balcony also, with availability of only 4 hour direct sunlight.

Uses:      Ornamental use as a climber over shrub & hedge. The plant is also used as single plant in pot.

Soil & Watering :  Soil must be well drained. Use of  20% river sand, perlite or crushed Leca in soil will be helpful for better root growth of this plant. Whenever soil becomes dry, please water the plant.

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  Use : This plant is widely used in landscaping and terrace gardening.

 We should not do re-potting of plants immediately after receiving. Please wait for a week. Let the plants adjust in new atmosphere of your home. Repotting and disturbance to their roots will adversely affect life of plants.


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