Perlite (450 GMS) for Garden Plants & Hydroponics


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  • Perlite is the most essential component of potting mix to ensure healthy growth of all types of plants. Without this, succulents and cactus potting mix can’t be prepared. Perlite is appreciated for its vital role in ensuring proper drainage in soil. It also provides optimum aeration of roots by providing oxygen supply. Perlite is very helpful in making soil porous. With use of perlite, root growth is enhanced and thereby plant grows healthily throughout its life.

  • Use of Perlite is more beneficial in preparation of potting mix for Adenium, lithops and senseviera plants. This Perlite is fully sterile and free from harmful germs and pathogens. For this reason, perlite is popularly used in hydroponic / soil-less farming on large scale.


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