Potting Soil for Indoor Plants (Wt – 5 Kg) for Better Drainage, Roots Aeration


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3+ 1.49 % 265.00
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Wt-5 Kg

  1. We have prepared this potting soil by mixing coco peat, river sand, Vermi- Compost, Perlite, Neem Cake and other helpful plant growth promoters. 

  2. This soil is prepared especially for indoor plants. It will provide required nutrition to your plants. High value of Nitrogen and other needful nutrients is available in this soil. Due to use of Neem Cake, this will protect plants from termites and nematodes.

  3. This soil helps your plants in faster drainage and better roots aeration as well.

  4. It will also enhance water holding capacity of the soil due to use of coco peat and Perlite.

  5. If you wish, you can mix 30 to 50 % garden soil in this potting soil. Try to use soil dug out from a deep digging (at least 2 feet), because soil taken out from depth is considered as more healthy and free from weeds. Use of such sterilised garden soil in this potting mix ensures healthy life of plants for longer life.

  6. Some other slow release fertilizers for long life better growth of your plants are also available in this soil.


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