Pumice Stones (Size: 9-15 mm) Wt- 900 Gms for Garden/Horticulture (Soil Amendment) & Mulching


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  • Size of these Pumice Stones will be in range of 9 mm to 15 mm. Most gardeners prefer this size of pumice stones for Orchid potting soil, Adenium, bigger Bonsai and other big plants. Due to bigger size, air cavities inside them are bigger and suitable for Orchids.
  • If you wish to use Pumice for mulching (top soil layer) of Adenium and other bigger plants, this size is correct choice, as per our opinion. Mulching of Pumice does not attract fungus or insects.
  • Pumice stones have porous composition and they are much lighter than ordinary stones. They contribute in soil aeration also. Pumice improves the quality of soil because of its porous properties.
  • They retain moisture in optimum quantity and provide needful micro-nutrients continuously to plants’ roots. Pumice stones ensure proper drainage in soil. All nutrients can be stored in the small holes of these stones for continuous supply to plants.
  • Pumice stones are naturally made from volcanic rocks and therefore they are not found naturally in India. These stones are imported from other countries where Volcanoes are available.
  • Pumice stones have been successfully used in Bonsai plantation and other plants in Japan for a long period. Use of Pumice stones in potting mix of garden plants is considered as the best choice because it’s fully organic. For organic farming, use of these stones is increasing.
  • They are also used in water fountains and landscaping. Pumice stones are light weight, hence we can use them for covering soil around plants. By doing so, they do not put load pressure over the soil under them. Your aerated potting mix continues to ensure root aeration.
  • Moreover, volume of these pumice is more than stones, hence in purchase of less pumice, you can cover more area of soil with pumice cover. On contrary, if you buy stones/pebbles, you need to spend more for buying more weight of stones. However, if we use traditional pebbles /stones over soil of plants, roots aeration is hampered upto some extent due to heavy weight of stones.
  • Ph value of pumice ranges from 7 upto 8. Ph value of 7 is considered neutral. More than 7 value shows alkaline content and less than 7 indicates acidic content. After washing of pumice its Ph value comes down partially.  Pumice stones have a tendency to absorb atmospheric moisture, hence we may observe small droplets inside this pack, as a result of evaporation during hot weather. We have shown here all the 4 sizes of pumice available with us for reference of our customers.
  • Pumicde is also used as a biological filter media in aquarium.


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