Rock Phosphate Organic Fertilizer (900 GMS) for Plants, Garden Use


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Wt- 900 Gms

  1. This fertilizer is naturally rich source of phosphorus and other needful nutrients for growth of plants. It enhances flowering & fruiting in plants. Moreover, it promotes healthy growth of leaves and roots system.

  2. If we are giving its dose to already grown up potted plants, we should remove upper soil partially then add this fertiliser. After that must cover with soil. Covering of this fertilizer with soil in your pots gives better results. It will help plant to absorb its nutritional values in better way.

  3. It acts as a slow release fertilizer. We can gives dose of 4 tea spoons to a grown up plant, potted in 8 inch diameter pot. If required, we can repeat the dose after 3 months.

  4. This is the best substitute of Chemical fertilizer DAP.

  5. This rich source of Nutrients is very helpful in fruiting and flowering plants. Flowers stay on plants for longer duration with use of this organic fertilizer.


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