Russelia Fountain Bush Fire Cracker Plant, रसेलिया लाल का पौधा


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Russelia Red, Firecracker plants or Coral blows (in polybag)

Height:          1 Foot 

Common namesFirecracker plants or Coral blows,

Russelia name was given in honourable memory of Scottish naturalist Alexander Russell. Members of this genus are known as Russelia. These plants belong to the Plantaginacae family. According to some botanists, the plant has been related to other families also like-  Scrophulariaceae or Veronicaceae.

Russelia species grow very well even with less water in many parts of the world. Hence, they have been classified as drought resistant plants. Its thread like leaves make this plant unique. After attaining maturity, this develops some small oval leaves on nodes of the stem. Growth rate of the plant is very fast. They are perennial plants. The plant will grow new leaves along with new buds to bloom red or yellow flowers (as per variety of plants).  They bloom for most of the year.

This plant can attain height of Maximum 4 ft. It can survive shady area also. If we keep this in diffused sunlight, its leaves become more greenish and attractive, but blooming is reduced. Hence, for more flowers, most of the plant lovers prefer to grow it as outdoor.

Soil & Sunlight:  It can grow very well even without fertilizer. But vermi-compost mixed with perlite and vermiculite ensure more blooming in the plant. During hot weather, we should shift this plant to shady area. If shifting not possible, try to provide some shade by green shade net or any other material over the plants. Some leaves of this plant may face leaf burn during hot season (If temperature is more than 40 degree C). After passage of summer season, we should cut the damaged leaves and wait for growth of new leaves during monsoon season. Soil must be well drained. Whenever soil becomes dry, please water the plant.

 Uses:             Ornamental use as shrub, hedge also. The plant is also used as single plant in pot. In case of overgrowth regular pruning is required.



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