Seed Germination Media (Soil) (Wt-400 GMS) for Growing Seedlings of Adenium and Cactus with Free Adenium Seeds (Set of Five Seeds)


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  • This research based media is highly suitable for growing seedlings of Adenium and Cactus. This is a fast draining soil. This river sand and cinder based media ensures quick drying out even during Monsoon season. It protects seedlings from unwanted root rot.
  • After adding this media in a pot with drainage hole, keep all the seeds over media and press by finger gently inside the media. After this, cover the seeds with media. Do not add more than 5 mm thickness of soil layer, otherwise it will be difficult for seeds to germinate.
  • Ph value of this media ranges between 5.5 to 6.5. Optimum Ph value is very crucial to ensure high seed germination rate.
  • Keep the pot in bright indirect sunlight and water with a sprayer. Too less light will reduce their growth. Direct sun light in early phase of development will harm them adversely. Hence, we advise them to keep in indirect sunlight.
  • After 2-3 days, whenever the media gets dry, you can water them again by your sprayer.
  • After attaining suitable growth in seedlings size (7-8 leaves), you may shift them to bigger pots.
  • We are sending free Adenium obesum variety seeds (05). Most commonly, its flowers will be Pink, Red or white. There are very less chances of Purple, yellow or any other colour. For any other colour, grafting is to be done on matured obesum plants. Common name is ‘Desert Rose’. It likes to grow in sandy fast draining soil. It does not need frequent watering
  • After some time, slowly expose them to more sunlinght, preferably morning sunlight. It will harden them to tolerate direct sunlight gradually.
  • If you are growing cactus seedlings, you have to cover the container to make it air tight. But too much moisture for prolonged duration may endanger your cactus seedlings by root rot. Hence, uncover after germination.


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