Shyam Tulsi, Basil Plant


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Black Basil, Shyam Tulsi

Height: 10 inches

This basil plant is historically worshipped all over India and used as medicinal plant all over the world. The plant can grow in diffused sunlight also. If we don’t have much space to keep it in sun, buy two such plants together. One of the each plant can be kept in sun and the other plant inside home. Rotate both of them to provide equal sunlight after 2 days. By doing so, both the plant will grow along with health of your family members.

Watering & Sunlight: The plant needs to be protected from extreme cold (temperature less than 100 C), by keeping at warmer place or by covering green net cloth. This plant grows most healthily in presence of daily sunlight for 4 hours in morning or evening. We should water, only when the soil becomes dry. Proper drainage by making sufficient holes in bottom of pot is must.

Soil:     Its potting mix must be aerated well by use of drainage media upto 20 % (river sand, Leca, Pumice/Perlite or rice husk- Use any one of them). All these items help in aeration of roots also. We can mix upto 20% cocopeat, 20 % vermi compost, 30 % sterilised garden soil + 10% Neem Cake) in its potting mix. This plant does not require frequent fertilizers. We may add fertlizers once in three months.

Uses:             There is medicinal use of every part of the plant. Highly recommended for cough, fever, blood pressure control and anti malarial qualities.  It’s more effective than green Tulsi in controlling cough.


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