Steamed Bone Meal Organic Fertilizer (900 GMS) for Plants, Garden Use


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Wt- 900 Gms

  1. Good for Better Growth of plants. This organic manure is rich in phosphorus, potassium, calcium, nitrogen and many other nutrients.

  2. After crushing of natural bone meal and subsequent steaming, this steamed bone meal has been prepared. This will not have smell. This will improve flowering and fruiting in your plants.

  3. Use of this fertilizer will be more effective especially in Rose, Adenium, Hibiscus and other flowering plants.

  4. This acts as slow release fertilizer. Effect of this fertilizer will be in soil for longer time. Bones and flesh pieces are not visible, because this is finely powdered. It will not attract dogs, birds to plants’ soil.

  5. You can add it approx 25 Grams (5 spoons) in soil of plant (potted in 10 inch diameter pot) every two month. or while preparing soil of plants, you can mix approx 10% in soil. Even if you add its more quantity, it will not harm your plant.

  6. If we compare nutrient contents of natural bone meal and steamed bone meal, we will find that steamed bone meal have lesser nutrients than natural bone meal. But due to no smell with steamed bone meal, some gardeners prefer to use steamed bone meal.

  7. Due to above mentioned reason, if we use natural bone meal in soil, that gives better results than steamed bone meal in terms of plant growth. But during natural decomposition of natural bone meal in soil, some worms or maggots may be produced (Kindly note that all worms are not harmful for soil). Because natural bone meal is having bigger size of bones and fleshes (2-4mm) and does not get mixed up in soil fully. Whereas this steamed bone meal is in finely powdered form, hence it gets mixed up in soil completely and do not cause production of worms in soil.

  8. We have expressed our experience and opinion above. We highly value your suggestions/ queries / clarifications.


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