Tobacco Dust Organic Fertilizer and Pest Repellent for Garden Plants (Wt-900 GMS)


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Tobacco dust Fertiliser is one of the most effective way to control soil borne insects and nematodes. Moreover, it acts as fertiliser as well for your plants. Its nutritional capability has been appreciated by plant lovers everywhere. 

We can protect our plants from attack of termites by mixing it in soil. Its efficacy in controlling nematodes is much better than Neem Cake. We wish to recommend its use in organic farming also. All the outdoor plants grow excellent healthy life with its use. This compost will give tobacco like smell. To reduce its smell, you should cover it fully with soil. We experimented its use with cultivation of ginger, turmeric, taro vegetables and subsequently their bulbs did not show any worms inside or around root zone. We should not use it more than 15 %. We can use it in our garden lawn as well with dose of 150 Gms per square meter.


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