Vermicompost (Wt-10 Kg) Organic Fertilizer for Garden Plants, Made from Cow Dung Only


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Wt-5 Kg

  1. Earthworms have been shown in the image of Vermicompost for reference only. There may be some baby earthworms in the pack, but possibility is low. Due to storage of vermicompost in air tight poly packs, most of the baby earthworms die. 

  2. This is the best quality vermi-compost which is made by cow dung with use of earthworms. High value of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium and many more needful nutrients are available in this compost. Moreover, various useful micro-organisms are also present in this compost for better health of the soil.

  3. This vermicompost is prepared only by Cow dung, hence it’s free from harmful worms and larva. If we use buffalo dung for composting, we observe presence of many harmful worms, caterpillars to decompose the dung. Moreover, due to use of only cow dung, this compost is very light weight and does not get compact with passage of time. This compost is also helpful in better drainage and roots aeration.

  4. this vermicompost is odour-less and ideal for your indoor plants as well. Nutritional effect of this compost will be for longer time. While using this compost, possibility of unwanted weeds will also be very low. This compost may have presence of 5-7 %  moisture which is essential to maintain the good quality of Vermi-compost.

  5. We wish to assure you that while preparing this Vermi-compost, we do not use any kind of waste decomposer to shorten the period of composting.  After a long period of decomposition (approximately 2 months), earthworms have prepared this compost and therefore chances of termite attacks on the soil will also be reduced.


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