Vernonia Parda Bael Plant, परदा-बेल-का पौधा, Curtain Creeper Plant


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LENGTH:  1 Foot

COMMON NAME–    Parda Bael

This plant can survive hot weather also. Its stem is herbaceous and it climbs with a support on any surface (upward or downward). It can grow continuously, if not pruned regularly. The plant does not need special care and likes sunlight. However, it can grow very well even in diffused sunlight. Matured plants bloom small white flowers during spring season and attracts honey bees (pictures available on our Instagram and Facebook page).  Its leaves become more vibrantly green during rainy season. By regular pruning, this plant produces more branches and becomes lush green.

This is a fast growing plant. If you are planning to cover any wall or balcony with this plant, you need at least one plant for one foot of length. More plants will ensure more dense growth.

Water & soil:      Whenever the soil becomes dry, please water it. Proper arrangement for drainage in soil is must. Soil should be humus. This plant can adjust to almost all types of soil.  

Uses:            It is used as green curtain on windows or doors also. The plant is used by gardeners to make boundary wall covered with green cover.


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