White Poly Grow Bags, UV Treated, Size – 24 x 24 x 40 cms, (Pack of 4)


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Quantity: Pack of 4 Grow bags will be sent.

  • Dimension: 24cms length x 24 cms width x 40 cms height; Material: UV treated plastic bags; Thickness: 150 Microns, 600 gauge. These bags are recyclable.

  • These grow bags are popular for long life durability & easy to use with all type of plants. These bags are more economical than plastic pots with outdoor plants.

  • Highly recommended for kitchen gardening and outdoor plants.

  • Durability Of Bag Is 4 to 5 Years, depending on the handling and usage. we can use many times in our garden. This is a perfect gift for gardeners.

  • White outside, black inside grow bags.


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